Trial & HeirsTM

Famous Fortune Fights!

This creatively crafted, celebrity infused, common sense HOW TO (and HOW NOT TO) book combines real-life inheritance catastrophes, courtroom clashes and combative estate contests with practical, easy-to-follow advice on how to avoid them in your own family!

About the Book

Danielle & Andy give you a front row seat in the courtroom while they replay the scenarios and point out what went wrong, the winners and losers, and what you can learn.

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  • [Trial & Heirs] ignited a lively discussion with family and friends during a holiday gathering. Everybody who has read or discussed it has pledged to get their financial affairs in order. Avis Thomas-Lester, The Washington Post

  • Trial & Heirs uses the celebrity cliffhanger cases to dish out real-life advice. Ashlea Ebling, Forbes

  • [Trial & Heirs] is by far the most educational and clever book I have read in a long time. While not in the genre of the typical book for “dummies,” it is written in a manner that will keep trust novices, as well as seasoned professionals, interested until the very end. Kim Fowler, ABA Banking Journal

  • If TMZ and had a literary baby, it would be Trial & Heirs. Trial & Heirs manages to accomplish a stunning trifecta of near impossibilities for a book about estate planning. Not only does it entertain, it deeply educates and also galvanizes readers into taking action to protect their families and their legacies. Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Inman News Service

  • I can think of few things as important or relevant for people to know about than the failure to execute a game plan for their end of life desires. I have witnessed far too many family feuds resulting in lifelong animosity that could have simply been avoided...Trial & Heirs is a must read. Danny Fontana, Fox Business Channel Contributor - Radio Talk Show Host

  • Trial & Heirs is both entertaining and informative. A must if you want to avoid family squabbles. Mark Joseph, The Huffington Post

  • I happened upon your website and find it so interesting! I sent it to some of my fellow teachers and said it's right up my alley - People magazine meets law. Just what I love. Ann M., Associate Professor Gonzaga University School of Law

  • Very easy for the common person to understand and benefit from all the good advice. Common sense with a sense of humor! Karen Baldwin producer of the film RAY: The Ray Charles Story

  • Trial & Heirs is an important book for anybody who wants to avoid the inheritance troubles that have plagued Hollywood stars for decades. Michael Levine, Prominent Hollywood Publicist and Best-selling Author

  • Consider buying the book in bulk as gifts for your clients or as a marketing tool; remember, an informed client is a better client, and a client who understands some of your language is one who is easier to talk to. Jane Siegel, Michigan Bar Journal

  • It’s so well written and fun that even a person like me, who hates money talk, can enjoy it. Carol Bradley Bursack, Minding Our Elders

  • In their book Trial & Heirs, Danielle and Andrew Mayoras...chronicle the lessons learned from notorious estate battles of Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, athletes and political figures...As the Mayorases put it in their book: “the only good legal battle is one that never happens.” The Sacramento Bee

  • Errors involving celebrity estates can motivate everyday families to talk ahead of time about who gets Mom’s blown-glass collection – long before things get overblown...Trial & Heirs and the blog show how anyone can mess things up when it comes to giving away their wealth after death. Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press

  • Trial & Heirs offers a much needed perspective to keep you thinking...and directing a course for success as you do your estate planning. Rick Eldridge, CEO ReelWorks Studios, Producer of “The Ultimate Gift,” and “Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius”

  • Great book, and lots and lots of fun-like a good movie. Don’t miss it, if you can! Ken Wales, producer of Amazing Grace, Revenge of the Pink Panther, and the TV series East of Eden

  • Whether you pick up the book for a peek at the messed up estates of celebrities or you desire to learn more about this topic for yourself, it’s a great introduction to a subject most of us are reluctant to discuss. This is also a great book for financial planners, attorneys and other professionals to give to their clients who don’t have a will or trust. Cathy Severson, Retirement Life Matters

  • By taking estate cases of famous people and boiling them down to situations to which readers can relate, this book belongs in the library of every American over the age of 18. Lisa Allmendinger, Heritage Newspapers

  • I just finished reading your book and I found it to be educational and funny too. Yvonne Harris Burnley, Daughter of the Late Jazz Saxophonist Eddie Harris

  • Trial & Heirs is so engaging, it inspires people to get down to business. Kimberly Nicoletti, Summit Daily News

Can You Imagine

Setting up a trust for your children and loved ones to keep your affairs private, only to let the plan fail because the trust wasn't funded.
Michael Jackson

Writing instructions to give property worth millions to your cherished godchildren, and then having those wishes completely ignored and kept secret.
Princess Diana

Leaving a substantial legacy from a brilliant musical career, only to have your family members wage a lengthy legal battle over it nearly forty years after your death. Jimi Hendrix

Get Great Advice To

  • Motivate you and your loved ones to create a proper estate plan
  • Start productive family discussions with spouses, parents and loved ones
  • Protect your rights if you have a loved one who is aging or has passed away and you're concerned about being treated fairly
  • Navigate through difficult and emotional family fights that can result when the proper planning wasn't done
  • Safeguard the true wishes of a mature loved one in case someone attempts to take advantage of them
  • Help you and your family answer questions about the right way to administer an estate or trust
  • Ensure that your wishes and the wishes of your loved ones are protected
  • Find a good estate planning and/or probate attorney

A Must-Read

These cases attest to the dangers posed by the lack of good legacy planning, but they don't just happen to the rich and famous. You'll also marvel at the trapped farmer who scratched his will into a tractor bumper, the feuding heirs of a jazz man who was really a woman, and the wacky Canadian lawyer whose final wishes set off "The Great Stork Derby."

This collection of stories emphasizes how estate planning - sometimes even the most basic documents - can make a big difference to a family after a loved one passes away. By including critical legal information that you can actually understand, the book acts as an easy-to-follow guide filled with great Tips to Avoid a Family Fight!

Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights! also includes Ideas to Spark a Family Discussion that families can use to start a conversation with parents, grandparents, and other loved ones about estate planning. The wisdom in this book was gained from years of working with families who didn't know what you are about to learn. From baby boomers, caregivers, and professionals working with seniors to new parents and law school students, everyone can learn how to protect families and legacies the right way.