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New developments regarding Michael Jackson’s estate? More conflicts creeping into the Anna Nicole Smith case? Contentious court battles brewing between other celebrity heirs? Book the husband-and-wife commentator power team who are garnering big buzz across the U.S., legacy expert attorneys Danielle & Andy! They’ll come confidently armed with legal facts, courtroom experience, and entertaining tidbits your audience will devour!

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We can't avoid creating a will forever (unless we don’t care about who ends up with our prized possessions when we’re gone)! It’s time to face the facts: if we are married, have kids, own a home, run a business or simply want to ensure that Grandma’s silwerware ends up in the right hands, we need to prepare our will. Most of us dread discussing our mortality, but the process CAN BE uplifting instead of morbid according to legacy expert attorneys and authors Danielle & Andy. By sharing celebrity inheritance cases gone awry, the dynamic duo of estate planning are on a mission to educate (while entertaining) the masses about the importance of preparing a will.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Have you gone through a divorce? Did you inherit Uncle George’s 1930s baseball card collection? Are you planning to bequeath your life savings to your college alma mater? Make no mistake... all of your wishes will NOT come true if you don’t work with an experienced estate planning attorney who can steer you through the ins and outs of the often-complicated legal system. Is the executor of your will honorable? Can you already see the writing on the wall (greedy graffiti) from the future recipient of your small fortune? Danielle & Andy can offer tips on how to proactively eliminate any chance of a big brawl ensuing over your estate.

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Think a holographic will is in 3-D? A pour-over will means everything will flow to you? A spendthrift clause means your deceased loved one was cheap? Think again. Danielle & Andy can help you turn confusing legal-speak into easy-to-understand terms so that you don’t need a dictionary to create your estate plan.